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by Geremino at 7:00 PM
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Another day, another update pushed.

Not much to say about it, really. We fixed that pesky HSLA Steel bug, added a minimap and got around to add DamageIndicator (The HUD in the topright corner)

In the days to come, we'll focus a bit more on balancing gameplay, there are a few items that could, should and ...would(?) be banned, and we intend to track them down and ban the stuffing out of them. No need for us to reach an end-game singularity within two weeks.
There are also a few more bugs that needs to be addressed, and we are probably working hard on getting them fixed.
If you guys have any tips on certain items that needs to go, by the way, then I'm all ears.

Oh well, see you guys on the flipside.

by Geremino at 4:15 PM
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Last night, after spending the better part of two days finalizing it, the SGTekkit 3.5 update went live.

The updated modpack clocks in at 161 mods, with 108 files to download at about 170mb. This is by far the largest and most bloated pack we've ever released.
Due to this, there might be some minor or insignificant changes in the coming week, depending on how the server holds up over the next few days.
The changes will mostly be limited to restricting certain items, disabling exploits or removing game-crashing bugs if they are found. We will not under any circumstance wipe the map or break the current gameplay.

With that said, I'll contradict myself immediately.
By including Gregtech, we've raised the level of skill needed to start out on the map. For some, it's a good thing, but for others it's hell in a handbasket.
We intend to lower the bar a little, make the basic stuff easier/cheaper to craft so we don't scare away potential new users immediately. This will be...
by bcbuckles at 12:32 AM
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Yes! That's right, the moment you have been waiting for is finally here. We are proud to announce that the server update is complete and online. You can now update your clients to version 3.5 and connect to the all new SGTekkit Server! Can't wait to see everyone in game!

PS. Geremino and KenBean are catching up on a serious lack of sleep, so lets not crash the server as they wont be around to reboot.

EDIT: If you have any problems launching the new pack, you may need to delete the sg folder and reset the pack. It can be found at:
by Geremino at 1:52 PM
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I know quite a few of you are waiting for word on the update, and we've been quiet as the grave for the most part.
The reason for that is ...well, building a modpack is hard, and making sure everything works is time consuming.

Last night, we encountered a bug so severe it crashed the entire server whenever we tried to boot it, and the crashlogs provided us with more or less no insight.
It took a lot of time, but we eventually managed to pin the bug down to Tinkers Mechworks. Turns out certain blocks from that mod does not like being next to certain cables.

Either way, we lost way too much time working on that bug, and I'm sad to say that we won't be able to make the promised launch this weekend.

New ETA depending on whether the current fix is actually a fix: Wednesday or Tuesday.
And yes, we are really, really close to being done.

by Geremino at 11:56 AM
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Or maybe "large" is the wrong word...

When we first updated the modpack a month ago, SGTekkit was just a shadow of itself. The staff was reduced to a few moderators and the pack was so outdated it was laughable. The former giant "SGTekkit" was outclassed by your average bedroom-server.

My plan to revive the server back then, was to simply keep the old mods, and just recycle the modpack using their updated versions. Same stuff, different wrapping.
But as a few weeks went by, we realized how utterly bland the modpack had become. The mods that the last version of SGTekkit contained, that for it's time was revolutionary and new, are now reduced to being the common standard found in technological modpacks. And that is just not good enough.

Therefore, we've spent the last week working on a update, a very extensive and all-encompassing update.
And we'll be releasing it next weekend, if not sooner.

This update, however, will require a map wipe.

Got a jolt of...