Joining SGTekkit

This helpful guide will assist you in getting on SGTekkit as quickly as possible! Simply follow the steps below and you will be playing in no time. First things first though:

Applying for Citizenship

Every player who wishes to join SGTekkit needs to apply for citizenship. This grants the player build rights and access to necessary commands. (Such as kits and Towny) Applying is easy. Simply visit our forums and submit an application in the applications section. You will find a thread in there with details on how to submit your application properly. Players who go the extra mile with their application will find themselves getting approved much quicker than others. You can click the big apply button below for a direct link to the applications forum!


Downloading & Setting Up Tekkit

Tekkit requires a specific Minecraft client that you can download from the Tekkit website. To make things easy for you, we link directly to the clients below!

If for any reason the above links are not working, you can go directly to the Tekkit website by clicking here.

These next steps are very important! You need to switch the launcher to "Tekkit" at the top left. You can see an example of this in the picture below:

Example 1

That's it! You can now log in with your normal Minecraft account and connect to the server!

Connecting to SGTekkit

Server Address:

If you have any issues connecting please report it on the forums and we will try to assist you in any way we can. Make sure to check if the server is currently online by looking at the server status below. Sometimes we bring the server down for maintenance!