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    So I haven't regreted the lack of BuildCraft until I realized that RedPower Fluid Pipes do not connect to geothermal generator, like BC pipes do. Has anyone figured out how to power your geothermal automatically, without wasting tin for cells? I've tried placing IC miner next to a geothermal generator, above lava lake, but this doesn't seem to work. Pump gets some lava in it, but does not transfer it to generator either. Any other ideas?
  2. TheRussianSpy

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    I think I figured it out.

    First, the pump needs to be right above lava source block (not even 2 blocks above it, right above it. I wish it could be different)
    Second, Pump needs to be right to a Geothermal generator
    Pump must have an empty cell in the top slot!!!! I don't know why, but this is what makes it work.
    And last, Geothermal needs a place for energy to go to - a batbox or something.

    To start it, give just a little power to the pump from the battery. After geothermal starts up, it will power the pump.
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    Your still wasting tin. My suggestion is to use deployer's, Filter's, retriver's, and RP pumps to cycle lava buckets around and test out builds yourself.
  4. TheRussianSpy

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    No, that one cell doesn't fill up. It is just needed there for some reason, but lava goes straight to geothermal without the cell. Bucket cycling is a good idea too, but more complicated.
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  6. TheRussianSpy

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    I got my setup to run efficiently and reliably.​
    Here's a diagram: (+ - wire; # - geothermal; @ - pump; % - miner) top view.​
    @ %​
    # ++++++++++​
    • Make sure wire connects geothermal to the miner.
    • Miner needs to be above lava. Put enough mining pipes in it to reach the bottom of lava lake, even if it's artificial one. Keep a drill in until pipes are used up
    • Pump will take all lava that miner finds. Have one empty cell in top slot of pump. It will not be used however, so no tin waste.
    • Lava will go directly to the geo, which is really nice.
    • Make sure Geo has something it can charge (your MFEs, etc).
    • As Geothermal runs, It will power both pump and miner, so no outside energy input is needed.
    I got this setup to run with a "tank" of lava that is at my base. When I find underground lava lake, I use RC pump and pipes to move that lava to the base. However you can set this up right above natural lava lake, and connect cables to your base.

    This setup is same as on wiki, but it takes out the whole bucket/cell moving, therefore it's more efficient, cheaper and causes less lag.

    I never used Geo Mk.II so idk if it would work well with this setup.

    Geothermals are a very good source of energy until you get reactors and HV solars. Lava is abundant underground and if you find a ravine full of it, you're set for a while.
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    Don't hesitate to add alternate building methods to that wiki page! Everyone with a forum account can edit them!
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    I seem to be having a problem with both. The setup only seems to take the lava directly below it . is there any way to get at a whole lake of lava?
  9. TheRussianSpy

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    RP pump pumping lava into the place right below this setup is what you need

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