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    A reminder that you need to be remembering to lock your chests if you do not want anyone else to access them. This is easily done by typing /cprivate then all you have to do is punch your chest.

    To clarify this doesn't mean you have to go all Tarzan like and pounding your fists against your chest as you sit in front of your computer. However I will not discourage you from doing this and pics are appreciated.

    This includes vanilla chests along with iron chests and so on.

    If you are wanting to share a particular chest with a friend or friends this is also easily accomplished.

    Check out http://www.sgtekkit.net/wiki/index.php/LWC for info on how to lock your chests like the cool kids do.

    As always if you still need help we have a great community, moderators, and admins who are willing to answer your questions and make your SGTekkit day awesome. (said in flight attendant voice)

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    Do I get a keying near my bags!?

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