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Discussion in 'Ask for Help' started by spencer98881, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. spencer98881

    spencer98881 Tinkerer

    I am trying to allocate more ram to tekkit but I can't. I run on windows7 PC with 10 GB of total ram. But I can't allocate more then 1.5GB. Why, how do I fix it, or how do I get around it? (I don't care what I have to do as long as it won't cost me money)
  2. Kree

    Kree Industrialist

    Can you be a bit more specific about not being able to allocate more then 1.5GB.?

    There is an option in the Tekkit launcher to allocate more Ram.


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  3. spencer98881

    spencer98881 Tinkerer

    I mean that the list in your picture doesn't go beyond 1.5GB.
  4. sct

    sct I don't want to go... Staff Member

    Install 64bit Java instead of 32bit
  5. phsarjk

    phsarjk Tinkerer

    SCT is right in that if you can only select 1.5GB, then the launcher is running 32bit java.
    Personally i am required to have both 64bit and 32bit java installed, since my homebanking will only run on 32bit for some reason unknown to me.
    It seems to me that the launcher is run with the last updated version of java per default, at least on my machine. So after a 32 bit java update, then the launcher would fall back to 1.5gb allocated memory and be unplayable. To force run the launcher in 64 bit java, I created the simple .BAT-file:

    "%ProgramFiles%\Java\jre7\bin\java.exe" -jar "%appdata%\.techniclauncher\technic-launcher.jar"
    Notice that this bypasses the TechnicLauncher.exe, which means you wont get updates to the launcher itself, only tekkit. The exe file has never actually succeeded in launching the actual launcher for me though...

    Run TechnicLauncher.exe whenever you think the launcher has been updated.
  6. nemesis1512

    nemesis1512 Tinkerer

    "%ProgramFiles%\Java\jre7\bin\java.exe" -jar "%appdata%\.techniclauncher\technic-launcher.jar"
    where is the code put in?
  7. Shif

    Shif Industrialist

    create a text file and put it inside then save it with a .bat extension
  8. Bunsan

    Bunsan Was just some mod

    I don't suggest giving it too much RAM as that can make it run worse then less RAM. 2gb should be more then enough.

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