Official Texture Pack (with Tekkit Items) Thread

Discussion in 'General SGTekkit Discussion' started by Kewish, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. Kewish

    Kewish Legacy Admin (Retired)

    Hey Everyone,

    This thread is supposed to be a resource for people to use. You can post links and other information (maybe screenshots) regarding texture packs that have Tekkit Items.

    I'll kick us off with my personal favourite. Sphax PureBD Craft.


    Link to the dev's site: here
    Link to the addon pack: here (Tekkit Items)

    Please remember to read through the instructions. Particularily the part about joinging the two packs together.


    • 1. Download the regular Sphax PureBDCraft texture pack in the DOWNLOADS section of this page. Note: These are Sphax84's (Creator) Adfly links!
    • 2. Download the Sphax Tekkit SMP 2.1 Support in the DOWNLOADS section with the same size textures as the regular texture pack you just downloaded.
    • 3. Go to start and type %appdata% then go to the roaming folder then the .techniclauncher folder then the tekkit folder and then the texturepacks folder.
    • 4. Open the default Sphax texture pack and the Sphax Tekkit Support with 7-Zip or WinRar/Zip etc. and drag all of the contents of the Sphax Tekkit Support into the regular texture pack.
    • 5. Drag the .zip both the default Sphax and Tekkit textures into the texturepacks folder.

    If you have any questions, please ask.
  2. Itsasecret581

    Itsasecret581 The Moderation has been exponentially increased!

    Thanks Kew (if I may call you that). I've been looking for a Texture Pack that had all of the odd Tekkit blocks and items. Ill definitely downlaod this!
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  3. Matthew3502

    Matthew3502 Tinkerer

    2 notes to that, well no actually 3 notes. 1 that instalation is for windows 7 and vista, any other os basically what the instructions tell you to do is go to the same location your .minecraft is installed in which you all should know how to do. 2 while sphax comes in all ranges of sizes the add ons for tekkit mods only come in sizes 64 and 128, every mod has textures for 128 but only the main mods have 64, ie buildcraft and industrial craft and red power, not always the add ons to the mods. Most are there but there are a few minor ones mising. And last when he says open with winrar he means right click and click open with, not unpack the zip. I made the mistake of unpacking the zip and repacking it when I fist installed it and couldn't figure out why it would not work. But yes this is my favorite texture pack as well
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  4. Kewish

    Kewish Legacy Admin (Retired)

    Great post Matt. Thanks.
  5. Ryski

    Ryski Industrialist

    I love Sphax I wish I could use it. On vannilla I'm able to use the lower resolution version and it runs fine but currently for Tekki there's only 128x version which lags too much for me :( I hope a 64x version gets made sometime.
    EDIT: Never mind just realised there was a 64x version. I'll try it out :)
  6. Kewish

    Kewish Legacy Admin (Retired)

    64 is nice. Shame about the 128 man. I love it so much.
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  7. Docxx

    Docxx Industrialist

    I love Sphanx, been using it since it came out, love the cartoon style and it gets better and better, It has the best Mod support too.
  8. Olie457

    Olie457 Industrialist

    I've never used a texture pack for more than 5mins. Maybe I'll change that now... :/
  9. MrAwesomeShadow

    MrAwesomeShadow Industrialist

    Awesome Kew! I always wanted to use a texture pack that changes the items' textures too! :)
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  10. Itsasecret581

    Itsasecret581 The Moderation has been exponentially increased!

    I like the Isabella texture pack. Too bad it doesn't have a Tekkit addon. :(
  11. Greenleaf_

    Greenleaf_ Tinkerer

    I use Glimmar's Steampunk (Link), Right now me and some other people are working on tekkit support and we are almost finished, it has animated items and such
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  12. Kewish

    Kewish Legacy Admin (Retired)

    Fantastic. I hope you post links and screenshots when you finish. That sounds amazing.
  13. Greenleaf_

    Greenleaf_ Tinkerer

    We have actually finished computer craft already, well I did this was my part of the project but here's some pics of some Steampunk computers,





    Here is a link to download the add on if you want to use this pack, but be warned not all of the tekkit has been covered (here), and the link to the pack if your to lazy to scroll up to posts (link)
  14. Kewish

    Kewish Legacy Admin (Retired)

    Great job! Love it.
  15. Greenleaf_

    Greenleaf_ Tinkerer

    Thanks Im working on forestry now :D
  16. fuzzionz

    fuzzionz Industrialist

    Whats the different between the resolutions? 128x 64x etc...
  17. Smackzter

    Smackzter Industrialist

    Higher resolution = prettier and more laggy.
  18. xxxKenseIxxx

    xxxKenseIxxx Tinkerer

    You know how the tekkit launcher has Memory Allocation options and such? These are things that you had to make custom .bat files to run your game with more memory when you had a texture pack dumping it with data. There should be a texture pack "installation" section in it too. I hope they implement it. Cuz as much as I like tex pax, it's still a pain in the ass to manually update every now and then.
  19. Antiguadreams

    Antiguadreams Industrialist

    I personally like the Faithful texture pack. It is a 32x version of the original graphics, that smooths out the visuals while retaining "faithful" to the original look and feel of the game. There is an incredible amount of mod support, which includes full tekkit pack and technic pack support. You can get more info at the following link:

    Click HERE to go to the official Faithful pack thread!
  20. DarkMalfunction

    DarkMalfunction Industrialist

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