The infamous "End of Stream" error.

Discussion in 'Ask for Help' started by Beerkeg_92, May 6, 2012.

  1. Beerkeg_92

    Beerkeg_92 Tinkerer

    So I just got accepted to the server and when try to get into the server I get the " Connection Lost. End of Stream" error. So sadly I wont be able to join yet, I'll be spending the next few hours trying to fix this. If anyone know how to fix it please let me know.

    Thank You!
  2. sct

    sct I don't want to go... Staff Member

    Don't use the dev build of Tekkit. Switch to the recommended build.
  3. Beerkeg_92

    Beerkeg_92 Tinkerer

    Thanks, that worked. Don't know why I tought I read I have to switch to the dev build.

  4. Undefined

    Undefined Industrialist

    That was posted before, when the dev build was 2.1.1. It's currently 3.0, which is just a little incompatible. xD

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