Water mill arrays

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    So I began some research into their viability and function, to see if I could improve upon them. All of this research was done in SSP. Basically the energy outputs came to be .25 eu/t for unmanned, fully surrounded by water with 1 cable. With the pneumatic tubing and deployers putting buckets in and pulling them out, it came out to only 1 eu/t. While manually loading them brought about 2 eu/t. Based on this, I believe water mills are not a viable option. Since it would be better to pump resources into other forms of power. But there is a redeeming quality, and that is 1 generator gives you two mills. So if based on materials, including setup, water mills beat solar hands down, it does not beat wind mill arrays, but haven't tested those that much and geothermal is dependent on fuel.
    For the water mill arrays I've found they can handle up to about 40 or 50 in SSP, SMP on the other hand i would keep it around 15-20 per setup. Also about the water for the deployer to draw, 3 blocks ina straight line works fine in SSP, SMP it requires at least 6 in a === pattern and one above the middle to keep the refresh up. As for lag, I haven't noticed anything about running a ton of water mills, so I have no input regarding. If anyone else has any more intel, feel free to drop a reply.
    tl;dr So of the renewable generators that require little to no maintenance Wind<Water<Solar.
    Also this is a water mill array thread, not a complain about my hypothesis thread, if anyone has any builds they would like to share, feel free to.
  2. ronstalwart

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    These are my water mill array setups, the underground one gives out about 11-12 eu/t and the above ground one gives about 12 eu/t
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    This server can't really handle water mills in a decent fashion, before i went inactive i build a rather extensive one. 2 deployers, 3 retrievers. supporting 20+ watermills. The tickrate killed any real EU advantage i would gain with them. Buckets get lost in the system as they get spit out from time to time.

    The solution to this is using "Hydroelectric" or "Water strainer" some servers have them as either name.

    They let you pipe water DIRECTLY into them, so you don't need to deal with buckets getting lost, deployers, retrievers ect.

    However; i believe they are disabled on this server.
  4. ronstalwart

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    They are as of march, due to server lag? I think tons of any type of generator will lag the server, be it water, or wind. I don't think solar makes much lag.

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